Upgraded Skin Care Services

Any of the following medically proven “Add ON” Services may be used to upgrade an included service or as an addition to your “Aesthetic Skin Therapy” of choice for an elevated therapeutic skin care experience. At CCNM, we use the power of nature in our high potency organic, chemical and cruelty free skin care and combine it with scientifically researched clinical technologies.

Oxygen Injection Therapy $20

This treatment uses a medical grade oxygen injection system which uses high pressure to inject highly concentrated oxygen mixed with potent clinical skin nutrients like collagen, hyaluronic acid, vitamins and organic botanicals deep below the skin surface. This add on treatment can be added to all treatments and can address any skin concern .  

Viennese High Frequency Face & Neck Massage $20

This treatment begins with a Viennese face and neck massage using indirect high frequency current that will be conducted from your practitioner’s hands onto your skin providing a soothing tingle throughout the massage. Indirect current amplifies high frequency to skin areas resulting in major circulatory and lymphatic draining effects while pushing products deep below the skin surface. Following is a direct high frequency treatment that uses medical grade facial contouring glass electrodes which provide safe, thermal, oscillating and oxygenating high-frequency electrical currents. These currents stimulate circulation and reach below the skin surface to calm inflammation while killing acne causing bacteria. The current also helps to shrink enlarged pores, reduce swelling and tighten the skin while stimulating cell turnover resulting in diminished wrinkle formation.

Photo-Dynamic Therapy Session $20

Also known as Photo-Dynamic Low Level Laser Therapy is a safe and clinically proven treatment using red, blue, yellow and green wavelengths of light ranging from 400-1200 NM that reach below the skin surface. The outcomes include: increase in growth factors for collagen synthesis and melanocytes to aid in pigmentation concerns. PDT kills bacteria and controls sebaceous gland activity in the treatment of acne conditions as well as the stimulation of lymph, blood, lymphocytes and macrophages to aid in healing and inflammation. This treatment gives your cells an immense metabolic boost.

Hydra Nourish Paraffin Treatment $75

Get pampered with this therapy targeted at the extremities. These areas will be dry brushed, given an organic scrub exfoliation, an organic herbal rejuvenation soak application as well as nutritive serums based on concerns. The hands and feet are then covered in our organic botanical infused paraffin and heated for deep penetration. This is followed by our hot towel essential oil therapy and massage with our organic Hydra Nourish Lotion. 

Aesthetic Skin Care Treatments

The Clinical Facial $125                          The Mini-Clinic Facial $60

This is a basic facial to rejuvenate the skin and maintain skincare goals between more invasive treatments. This basic facial includes a steam cleanse, exfoliation and extraction using an ultrasonic skin device, Facial Mask, various nutrient serums based on concern infused with ion technology and Massage. This basic facial is also used to help evaluate and manage your skin concerns, discuss skin care therapies, products and home-care that will best suit your short term and long term skin goals.

The Mini-Clinic Facial is skincare excellence in half the time if you are on a budget or in a time crunch. The Mini-Clinic and Clinical Facial are also a great way to combine our “Add On” Services to create a completely unique aesthetic facial treatment tailored to your individual needs.

The Therapeutic Facial $150        

The Therapeutic facial focuses on problematic to complex skin conditions. This therapy includes a deep steam clarifying pore cleansing followed by a decrustation vacuum exfoliation process using our medical grade Hydra-Facial device. Extractions are an integral part of this facial to decongest skin and done by both our ultrasonic device and by hand. This is accompanied by our targeted high frequency therapy to areas of concern to effectively kill bacteria, calm inflammation, balance PH and sebum production, increase overall circulation and detoxification of the facial skin.

Suggested “Add On”services: Diamond Dermabrasion ($25) for deeper skin resurfacing to address scarring, pigmentation and skin tone and texture concerns. Upgraded Viennese High Frequency Cell Therapy that goes beyond with a high frequency current facial massage, deep direct applications to the skin surface along with the targeted therapy that is available already in your service.

The Purifying Back Facial $125 

A deep steam pore cleansing facial for your back and shoulder areas. This treatment can be used for problematic skin or for rejuvenation. The back facial includes a dry brush session, steam cleanse, organic skin scrub exfoliation, extractions, organic mask and nutritive soak application as well as various clinical nutrient serums based on your specific concerns. The treatment continues with a massage to hydrate, balance the skin’s natural PH and improve circulation. This therapy will leave your back and shoulders feeling refreshed and looking radiant.

Suggested Add Ons: Hydra Facial or Diamond Peel Dermabrasion ($25 each) or a combined Hydra Derm Plus ($50). Our Hydra Nourish Paraffin Therapy is an excellent “ADD ON” to give your treatment a healthy pampering boost and gorgeous skin results for the back and the extremities.

The Hydra Facial $135

Is a medical-grade hydra-dermabrasion device utilizing suction and hydra-infusion to effectively cleanse, exfoliate and extract impurities while infusing our highly potent organic products below the skin surface.  This unique process helps improve the appearance of many skin concerns, including pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, skin firmness and texture, as well as pore size and congestion. This treatment is gentle, noninvasive and suitable for all skin types. 

Suggested Add On: Any of our “Add On” services are applicable for an effective treatment boost.

Diamond Dermabrasion $135

Is a medical grade device that provides mechanical resurfacing of the skin using patent fine cut natural diamond tipped wands to remove damaged skin cells. This advanced procedure sands down skin irregularities and delivers customized wrinkle line reduction using various wand sizes and levels of coarseness. The healing process from Diamond Dermabrasion reveals healthy, younger and brighter looking skin while minimizing and even removing visible skin imperfections with each course of treatment.

Suggested Add On: Any of our “Add On” services are applicable for an effective treatment boost.

Hydra Derm PLUS $150

Get the skin resurfacing benefits of our Diamond Peel Dermabrasion plus the Hydra-infusion exfoliation of our Hydra Facial medical technologies all in one service to maximize your skin care goals.

Suggested Add On: Any of our “Add On” services are applicable for an effective treatment boost.

Non Surgical Face Lift Therapies


The ACU LIFT begins with the Clinical Facial to address skin concerns and follows with our deepest per-cutaneous collagen induction therapy using a micro-needling device to puncture below the skin surface. These micro-traumas create a natural wound healing process that causes a marked increase in collagen and elastin resulting in the generation of abundant new healthy skin cells. After your micro-needle session our “non surgical face lift” follows with Contour Facial Acupuncture addressing the muscles and fascia in the face to lift the facial skin. This treatment includes a targeted high frequency treatment to areas of concern to increase circulation and tighten the skin plus Photo-Dynamic Therapy to accelerate healing, collagen synthesis and cell turnover.

Suggested Add Ons: Hydra Facial or Diamond Dermabrasion ($25 each) or a combined Hydra Derm Plus ($50) for the ultimate anti-aging experience.


The MICRO LIFT begins with the Clinical Facial to address skin concerns and follows with our Microcurrent Technology. This is our “needleless” non surgical face lift that uses our clinically proven Microcurrent Technology. Microcurrent is a low-level current that mimics the body’s natural current and can provide both instant and cumulative anti-aging results. Microcurrent has been shown to stimulate ATP production and drive collagen and elastin production. This increased ATP also energizes the facial muscles, similar to how exercise energizes the muscles of our bodies. Unlike anywhere else on the body, the facial muscles are directly connected to the skin, so the result of energizing these muscles is a lifted toned facial appearance. This service includes targeted High Frequency to specific areas of concern to increase circulation and Infrared Therapy for increased cell turnover and collagen synthesis.

Suggested Add Ons: Hydra Facial or Diamond Dermabrasion ($25 each) or a combined Hydra Derm Plus ($50) for the ultimate anti-aging experience.

You can also add this service to the Mini-Clinic for a budget friendly way to maintain or continue Microcurrent Facial treatments. ($90)

You can also choose the Micro-Boost Treatment which is Microcurrent Therapy plus our Viennese High Frequency Facial Massage ($75).


This service begins with the Clinical Facial to address specific skin concerns and follows with a combination of our MICRO LIFT and ACU LIFT therapies. This powerhouse therapy is the ULTRA beautification experience.

Suggested Add Ons: Hydra Facial or Dermabrasion ($25 each) or a combined Hydra Derm Plus ($50) for the ULTRA ultimate anti-aging experience.

Scalp Stimulation Therapy $135

This treatment uses Microneedle Therapy and Acupuncture to stimulate the scalp and regenerate healthy hair follicles. Ultrasound therapy is applied to the scalp after the application of organic herbal hair growth oils and growth factor serum to promote deeper penetration of nutrients to the hair follicle. High Frequency follows to stimulate overall circulation to the scalp and aid in PH balance and sebum production. Photo Dynamic and Infrared therapies are used to aid in the acceleration of the regeneration process and the promotion of healthy hair growth.

Suggested Add On: Shirodhara Scalp Heated Oil Treatment This treatment begins with microneedle therapy to stimulate the scalp. Once done the Shirodhara will take place using heated organic Ayurvedic hair rejuvenating oils which flow over the scalp for a long duration of time reaching a higher therapeutic level of scalp saturation. Following Shirodhara is a stimulating Scalp Massage, Ultrasound, Scalp Acupuncture, Photo Dynamic and Infrared Therapies and finished with our targeted High Frequency Therapy. ($160)