CCNM Massage Therapy and Wellness Services

Relaxation Massage     60M $90      90M $120

This relaxing swedish massage utilizes rhythmic motions of light and medium pressures to decrease stress and muscular tension in the body. This service uses hot towels and calming organic essential oil blends to send you into a deep state of relaxation.

Therapeutic Massage    60M $90     90M $120

This therapeutic deep tissue massage utilizes techniques with deeper pressure to effectively release areas of  restriction. Warming organic essential oil blends are used for a greater therapeutic effect. Great for specific concerns.

Bamboo & Stone Therapy    60M $100    90M $135

Varying sized heated bamboo sticks replace the therapist’s hands and are used to provide a stimulating massage experience. Heated stones are held by the therapist and rolled over  muscles with pin rolling strokes to effectively knead out muscular tension, reduce stress as well as infuse minerals into the body. This service is coupled with calming or warming essential oils to enhance the endless benefits that come with this service. Choose either Relax or Restore when booking your appointment.

Kansa Shirodhara Therapy 90M $150 

An Ayurveda experience using heated traditional Kansa  applied to the neck, back, feet, hands and abdominal  areas to balance the dosha using organic herbal oils based on Pitta, Vata or Kapha constitution. Following, is a warm rhythmic Ayurvedic organic herbal oil drip to the forehead and scalp areas to promote balance of the body and mind. A scalp and facial massage follow for the ultimate relaxation & restorative wellness experience.

(Pre or Post) Natal Massage     60M $100      90M $135

Pre-Natal massage is a therapeutic calming massage for Mother to be addressing the areas of discomfort during pregnancy.  Our Post-Natal service is a deeper therapy used after child birth to help rejuvenate the new Mother with a focus on sore muscles and joints from labor. Our therapies use organic essential oils safe for pregnant or lactating mothers.

Sports Massage    60M $100     90M $135

Great for athletes and the gym professional to optimize performance.  This massage uses an organic Chinese herbal anti-inflammatory muscle & joint cream that is kneaded into sore muscles with deep tissue massage and invigorating tapping techniques. Therapeutic stretching and joint mobilization follow to awaken muscles and reduce muscle tension while increasing range of motion.

Restorative Stretch Therapy (RST)    60M $100    90M $135

A non-lotion, clothed,  floor work therapy aimed to increase flexibility through specific passive and active stretches. This therapy is elevated by the integration of Shiatsu and Sports Massage techniques. Your RST session will improve circulation, reduce muscle tension, soften fascial restrictions and restore motion in your joints. A favorite among yogis, athletes and for those who want better posture or to be more flexible.

Asian Pressure Point Therapy    60M $90    90M $120

is a hybrid therapy of Tuina, Shiatsu and Amma therapies. You will experience a combination of acupressure, trigger point therapy and joint mobilization using firm quick strokes and sustained deep concentrated strokes to specific pressure points leaving the body feeling rejuvenated and strong. An energizing therapeutic experience.

Lymph-Detox Steam Massage Therapy 90M $150

A therapeutic session that includes dry brushing and an organic detox skin soak application. Following, is a steam sauna canopy session enhanced with stimulating botanical water to benefit blood and lymph circulation. Then, the body is given a swedish massage using lymphatic strokes and detoxifying organic essential oils. This service promotes detoxification, stimulates the immune system and increases your metabolism. A healthy addition to promote better health and wellness.

Steam-Massage Therapy:  90M $150    120M $180

This therapy uses dry brushing, skin soak application, steam sauna canopy session and massage based on your preference. Choose Relaxation with our Meditation Soak and Calming Organic essential oil blends, Therapeutic with our Iron Man Soak and Warming Organic essential oil blends or Slimming using our Slim Soak and Slimming organic essential oil blends. Only available in 90 minute and 120 minute sessions.

Slimming Cellulite Steam Therapy 90M $150

This therapy uses dry brushing, targeted slimming soak and organic cellulite mask application, followed by targeted cupping, gua sha and percussion therapies to areas of concern. You will then receive a steam sauna canopy session with organic slimming botanicals. This therapy concludes with a massage with our slimming organic essential oil therapy to further improve circulation and enhance metabolic functions.

Imperial Face Massage 60M $90

Massage bliss for the face. This massage mirrors royal treatments given in China using stone therapies to induce circulation with calming and invigorating strokes to the skin surface. We aid the health of your skin with the use of our organic anti-aging skin rejuvenation oils and nutrient packed serums which are kneaded into your skin for optimum penetration.  This combination gives your skin a healthy boost and creates lift to sagging facial muscles resulting in a refreshed and revitalized facial appearance.

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