At CCNM, we combine clinically researched therapies with our education of clinical nutrients and herbal medicine to treat the condition of the skin. All of our therapies use organic, gluten free, toxin free products for true health of your skin and scalp.

The Clinical Skin Treatment $125                        

The Clinical is our most basic therapeutic skin treatment that will improve and maintain the health of your skin. The Clinical includes a cleansing massage, ultrasonic skin therapy, therapeutic facial massage, ion diffusion application of clinical nutrients and photodynamic therapy based on your skin concerns.

The Therapeutic Skin Treatment $150        

The Therapeutic focuses on problematic to complex skin conditions. This therapy includes a clarifying face massage, ultrasonic therapy and followed by our medical grade Hydra-Infusion device to infuse and enrich the skin while ridding it of impurities. This is accompanied by our Viennese High Frequency Cell Therapy Massage and targeted High Frequency Therapy to areas of concern along with photo dynamic therapy to effectively kill bacteria, balance sebum production and skin PH levels, while increasing the overall circulation and detoxification processes of the skin. This multifaceted approach is a therapeutic win for any troubled skin condition.

Therapeutic Purifying Back & Shoulder Treatment $135 

A skin therapy for your back and shoulder areas. This treatment can be used to address problematic skin or to give these areas a healthy glowing boost!

The Therapeutic Purifying Back Treatment includes a dry brush session, steam cleansing massage, Ultrasonic Therapy, a nutritive soak and mask application based on concerns along with Infrared Therapy. The treatment continues with a nourishing therapeutic back and shoulder massage to hydrate, balance the skin’s natural PH and improve circulation. This therapy will leave your back and shoulders feeling refreshed and looking radiant and healthy.

The Hydra Nourish Skin Treatment $135

Our most skin hydrating infusion experience! This treatment uses a medical-grade hydra-device utilizing suction and hydra-infusion to effectively cleanse and rid impurities while infusing our potent organic botanical hydrotherapy below the skin surface.

This is combined with our Oxygen Injection Therapy to inject hydrating clinical nutrients using a high pressure oxygen aerosol injection system. 

Photo dynamic light therapy is used to give your skin a metabolic boost and leaves your skin glowing! This unique process helps improve the appearance of many skin concerns, including pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, skin firmness and texture, as well as pore size and congestion. This treatment is gentle, noninvasive and suitable for all skin types.

Non Surgical Face Lift Therapies


The ACU LIFT features per-cutaneous collagen induction therapy using a micro-needling device to create micro-“punctures” to the skin surface. These targeted micro-“punctures” create a natural wound healing process that causes a marked increase in your body’s natural production of collagen, elastin and other healing factors resulting in the generation of abundant new healthy skin cells.

This is followed by our growth factor Nano Injection Therapy, a “no needle” high pressure injection system using small micro screens that push clinical nutrients through the skin from the creation of micro-channeling. Like Oxygen Injection, Nano increases penetration of our growth factors by over 97%! Which will reduce recovery time and increase results!

After your micro-needle and Nano therapy sessions our “Needle-Friendly” non surgical face lift follows with Contour Facial Acupuncture addressing the muscles of the face to stimulate and encourage lift of the facial skin. This treatment includes Photo Dynamic therapy to accelerate healing, collagen synthesis and cell turnover.


The MICRO LIFT features Microcurrent Technology. This is our “needle-Free” non surgical face lift  that uses our clinically proven Microcurrent technology. Microcurrent is a low-level current that mimics the body’s natural current and can provide both instant and cumulative anti-aging results.

Microcurrent has been shown to stimulate ATP production and drive collagen and elastin production. This increased ATP also energizes the facial muscles, similar to how exercise energizes the muscles of our bodies. Unlike anywhere else on the body, the facial muscles are directly connected to the skin, so the result of energizing these muscles is a lifted toned facial appearance.

Following the Microcurrent targeted therapy and conductive massage is an ATP Boost Photo Dyamic Therapy treatment plus our targeted High Frequency cell therapy and Viennese Frequency Massage to increase circulation and optimize your muscle toning and facial rejuvenation experience.


This service provides a combination of our MICRO LIFT and ACU LIFT Therapies. You will receive a micro-current lift treatment that includes a conductive lift massage, the Acu Lift micro-needle collage induction therapy plus Nano and Oxygen Injection therapies as well as our ATP Boost Photo Dynamic Therapy treatment to enhance the skin with growth factors and age defying clinical nutrients. This powerhouse therapy is the ultra beautification experience and the ultimate lift in skin care!

Information about our other scientifically proven therapies:

Oxygen Injection Therapy  

This treatment uses a medical grade oxygen injection system which uses high pressure to inject highly concentrated oxygen mixed with potent clinical skin nutrients like collagen, hyaluronic acid, vitamins and organic botanicals deep below the skin surface. This add on treatment can be added to all treatments and can address any skin concern. 

Viennese High Frequency Cell Therapy 

This treatment uses medical grade facial contouring glass electrodes which provide safe, thermal, oscillating and oxygenating high-frequency electrical currents. These currents stimulate circulation and reach below the skin surface to calm inflammation while killing acne causing bacteria. The current will shrink enlarged pores, reduce swelling and tighten the skin while stimulating cell turnover resulting in diminished wrinkle formation. A hands on massage with indirect high frequency currents follows to increase the penetration and absorption of our highly concentrated organic skin care products. 

Photo Dynamic Therapy  Session 

Also known as Photo-Dynamic Low Level Laser Therapy is a safe and clinically proven treatment using red, blue, yellow and green wavelengths of light ranging from 400-1200 NM that reach below the skin surface. The outcomes include: Increases in growth factors for collagen synthesis as well as melanocytes to aid in pigmentation concerns. PDT kills bacteria and controls sebaceous gland activity in the treatment of acne conditions as well as the stimulation of lymph, blood, lymphocytes and macrophages to aid in healing and inflammation. This treatment gives your cells an immense metabolic boost.

You may upgrade any of our services with our clinically researched therapies like Photo Dynamic Light Therapy, Oxygen Injection Therapy and/or High Frequency Cell Therapy for $15 per application upgrade. You may also choose some of our more advanced treatments to upgrade like our Nano Injection Therapy, Microcurrent Conductive Massage and/or Hydra Infusion Therapy for $25 per application.

Natural Hair Treatments

Scalp Stimulation Therapy $135

This treatment uses Microneedle Induction Therapy and Acupuncture to stimulate the scalp to encourage regeneration of healthy hair follicles. Nano Injection Therapy is applied to promote deeper penetration of our clinical nutrients and growth factors to the scalp area. High Frequency follows to stimulate overall circulation of the scalp and aid in PH balance and sebum production. Photo Dynamic and Infrared Therapies are used to aid in the acceleration of the regeneration process and the promotion of healthy hair growth.

Natural Body Treatments

Uplift Face Massage & Stimulating Scalp Treatment $90

Massage bliss from the neck up! You will receive an invigorating face and neck massage aimed to “warm up” tissues. Then, we “exercise” the face and neck with the application of therapeutic facial tools to sculpt and induce circulation while reducing puffiness. We aid the health of your skin with the use of our organic nutrient packed balancing and nutritive serums which are kneaded into your skin during the massage for optimum penetration. During your therapeutic tonification skin application made from hydrolyzed gold and collagen you will receive a stimulating scalp massage with our organic hair growth oil. This therapy ends with relaxing techniques and facial & neck stretches to “cool down” your session.

This combination gives your skin and hair a healthy boost and creates lift to sagging facial muscles resulting in a refreshed and revitalized facial appearance. This can also be an amazing addition to any of our natural skin or therapeutic massage treatments!

Please let our receptionist know about your dual service when booking so we can accommodate the additional time for you. 

Organic Paraffin Smoothing Hand & Foot Treatment $90

Get pampered with this therapy targeted at the extremities. These areas will be dry brushed, receive an organic hand and foot scrub exfoliation and smoothing treatment and then topped off with our organic herbal rejuvenation soak application as well as nutritive serums based on your skin concerns. The hands and feet are then covered in our 100% organic botanical infused heated paraffin wax for deep penetration of our products.  This is followed by our hot towel essential oil therapy and massage with our organic Hydra Nourish Lotion. Your hands and feet will thank you!

Skin Rejuvenation Steam Massage Therapy $150

This treatment begins with a full body Skin Brush & Organic Scrub Therapy to rid the skin of dead skin cells and stimulate circulation followed by our skin rejuvenation soak application to address the signs of aging. Then you will receive a hydrating and purifying Steam Canopy Session with botanical hydrotherapy aimed to nourish and balance your skin. The Steam session is followed by a hydra nourish skin massage that will beautify your skin while putting your mind at ease.