CCNM Massage Therapy & Wellness Services

Relaxation Swedish Massage

Our Relaxation Swedish Massage Therapy uses rhythmic motions of light and medium pressures to relax the nervous system and reduce muscle tension. This combined with our hot towels and calming organic oil blends send you into a deep state of rest and rejuvenation. Our 90 minute Swedish Massage Therapy includes an extended medicinal and pampering foot, scalp and facial massage with aromatherapy to send you into massage bliss!

Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage

Our Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage uses kneading techniques with medium to deep pressures to release areas of restriction. This therapy uses hot towels and our organic herbal joint and muscle topicals for greater therapeutic effect to support health. Our 90 minute Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage includes the use of warming essential oils plus heated therapeutic tools to increase blood and lymph circulation to the tissues.  Our therapeutic tools will be used on the specific areas that lack proper circulation to further increase the therapeutic effect of your deep tissue therapy beyond the table. This is the ultimate tension relief restorative therapy.

Bamboo & Stone Massage Therapy

In our Bamboo & Stone Therapy varying sized heated bamboo sticks and mineral stones are used to provide a stimulating massage experience. The heated bamboo effectively kneads out muscular tension with deeper pressures while the heated mineral stones provide a relaxing and therapeutic glide to the tissues. To enhance your wellness experience we use organic calming essential oils to relax your body and mind as well as warming essential oils for tension relief. Our bamboo and stones in themselves provide medicinal health benefits and when massaged into the tissues completes this relaxing and restorative therapeutic experience.

(Pre or Post) Natal Massage

Prenatal massage is a therapeutic calming massage for mother to be addressing the areas of discomfort during pregnancy.  During this therapy mother will enjoy a face down experience with our special cushioning system to allow the best application of prenatal massage techniques.

Our Postnatal service is a deeper therapy used after child birth to help rejuvenate the new mother with a focus on areas of discomfort from labor and addresses post pregnancy pain. Both therapies use only organic essential oils safe for pregnant or lactating mothers.

Sport Neuromuscular Therapy

Great for athletes and the gym professional to optimize performance or someone who is looking to improve their posture and gait.  This therapy uses invigorating tapping techniques to stimulate muscles as well as therapeutic activation and release techniques to restore muscle function. Full length passive stretches are woven throughout your session to increase flexibility in tight muscles.

Enhance your experience with our 90 minute Sport Neuromuscular Therapy that includes Gua Sha & Cupping therapies that will boost your treatment results. These are amazing tools for muscle recovery! Just ask Michael Phelps!

Please wear clothes suitable for activity as this therapy requires changes in position that require modesty.

Deep Muscle Sport Therapy

A hybrid session of deep tissue massage and our sports therapy  for the ultimate therapeutic experience. Only available in 120 minute sessions to provide you the very best combination these therapies have to offer.

Restorative Stretch Therapy (RST)

A stretch therapy aimed entirely to increase flexibility and improve posture through a sequence of passive stretches. This therapy is elevated by the integration of Shiatsu massage techniques to stimulate blood circulation and reduce muscular tension allowing for greater stretching capabilities.  You will feel the difference after just one session! A favorite among yogis, athletes and the inflexible.

Please wear clothes suitable for activity as this therapy requires changes in position that require modesty.

Acupressure Trigger Point Therapy

Our Acupressure Trigger Point Therapy is a hybrid therapy of Tuina, Shiatsu and Trigger Point therapies. You will experience a combination of acupressure, trigger point therapy and joint mobilization using both firm quick strokes and sustained deep concentrated strokes to acupressure points leaving the body feeling rejuvenated and strong. An energizing therapeutic experience.


Detox Steam Massage Therapy

A therapeutic session that includes dry brushing and an organic detox skin soak application. Following, is a steam sauna canopy session enhanced with stimulating botanical hydrotherapy to benefit blood and lymph circulation. Then, the body is given a Swedish Massage using lymphatic strokes and detoxifying organic essential oils. This service promotes detoxification, stimulates the immune system and increases your metabolism. A healthy addition to promote better health and wellness. A great therapy to utilize during detox, weight loss programs or to enhance immune function.

Steam-Massage Therapy  (Swedish/ Deep Tissue/ Slimming)

This therapy includes a dry brushing session, a medicinal skin soak application, steam sauna canopy session and massage based on your preference. Choose a Relaxation Swedish Steam with our Meditation Soak and Swedish Massage with calming organic essential oil blends -OR- the Therapeutic Deep Tissue with our Pain Soak and Deep Tissue Massage with our herbal muscle and joint therapeutic topicals -OR- our Slimming Steam Massage Therapy uses our Slimming Soak and Slimming Swedish Lymph Massage with our organic detox essential oil blends. These services provide the benefits of steam therapy, massage therapy, lymphatic drainage and essential oil & herbal therapies for a full wellness experience.

Conductive Cellulite Steam Massage Therapy

This is our Slimming Steam Massage with thorough concentration to areas of cellulite. This session begins with a targeted Microcurrent Conductive Therapy to areas of concern and followed by dry brushing, targeted slimming detox soak and organic cellulite mask application. You will then receive Targeted Cupping, Percussion and Infrared Therapies to areas of concern to increase blood circulation deep to the tissues. Next, is a steam sauna canopy session with our organic slimming botanical hydrotherapy to increase metabolism to stagnant tissues while increasing firmness to the skin surface. This therapy concludes with a Lymphatic Swedish Massage with our slimming organic essential oil therapy to further improve circulation and enhance metabolic and detoxification functions while relaxing your body and mind.

Skin Rejuvenation Steam Massage Therapy

This treatment begins with a full body Skin Brush Treatment & Organic Sugar Scrub Therapy to rid the skin of dead skin cells, stimulate circulation and open pores for deep penetration of our clinical skin nutrients. This is followed by our skin rejuvenation soak application to address all of the signs of aging. You will then receive a Hydrating and Purifying Steam Canopy Session with botanical hydrotherapy aimed to nourish, balance and firm your skin. The Steam session is followed by a full body hydra nourish skin massage that will beautify your skin while putting your mind at ease. An amazing addition to any of our facial skin therapeutic treatments for a full immersion experience of health and beautification!

Facial Massage & Stimulating Scalp Treatment

Massage bliss from the neck up! We aid the health and youthfulness of your skin with the use of our organic nutrient packed balancing and nutritive serums. These nutrients are kneaded into your skin during each stage of this therapy to optimize penetration and therapeutic effect. To begin, you will receive an invigorating face & neck massage and acupressure session aimed to “warm up” tissues. Then, we “exercise” the face and neck with the application of heated therapeutic facial tools to sculpt the face and induce circulation. Our techniques will decrease puffiness and fascial restrictions in the facial tissues thus reducing facial lines, asymmetries and skin sag. During your therapeutic experience you will receive a skin application made from hydrolyzed gold and collagen while a stimulating scalp massage and acupressure session is applied with our organic aromatic Ayurveda hair rejuvenation treatment. This therapy ends with relaxing techniques and facial & neck stretches to “cool down” your session. This is a all around beauty treatment that gives your skin and hair a healthy boost. The end result is a refreshed and revitalized facial appearance while the stimulating scalp therapy enhances healthy hair follicle promotion and provides your hair a lustrous look and feel. This can also be an amazing addition to any of our natural skin or therapeutic massage treatments!

Please let our receptionist know about your dual service when booking so we can accommodate the additional time for you. 

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